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Noel (07/2022), Female

Hi there, my name is Noel. I was rescued at the beginning of December 2022 by the founder of LBS. I was lying on a burlap coffee bag in front of local coffee shop, not moving, barely breathing due to my snotty nose, extremely cold and with large area of necrotic tissue in my mouth. I was brought to LBS Foster Home where they started to heat up my body immediately as I was already partly stiffened. When they managed to stabilized me a little bit, I was taken to the veterinary clinic. My condition was critical and truly, I don´t remember much from that day. I was hypothermic with temperature bellow 35°C and I was told that chances for my survival were extremely low. I was put on IV fluids and all I know is that people around me were really trying to help me. I felt safe and loved and maybe that decided that I wanted to start fighting for my life. It seemed that somebody finally cares about me. I couldn´t eat properly, I couldn´t swallow without pain and food often came back out via my nose. Even drops of water were really painful in my mouth. Everything was a problem, breathing, eating, drinking, moving, but I did it, I tried, I wanted to live and I have never given up.

And now, few months later, here I am, all healthy and ready to conquer the world. I didn´t think it could be possible to be even more happy that I was after feeling so much better, but once I got out of isolation, oh wow, what a wonderful world was waiting for me. I need to explore and see everything. I missed so much when I was sick, so now, every second counts, I want to enjoy life as much as I can.

They call me their Christmas miracle, and indeed I am. Everybody loves me, I know it, I feel it. I am a good and sweet girl after all, just bit spoiled. I am very friendly towards everyone! All I need is to give them just one of my looks and humans do everything I ask of them, I definitely have them wrapped around my paws. Everyone feels safe being around me and even the most shy cats will hang out next to me as I am so tiny and cute.


I have still some growing up to do, but you can already see, how beautiful young lady I am. I like human attention and caresses, but of course, only on my own terms.


You probably won´t find more joyful kitty in general. Nothing can stop me when I set up my mind to something. I love to play, with other kitties or with any toys, I don’t really have a preference. A simple pen or a cup from the bottle can entertain me for some time. I am very curious and active. I run and jump around the house like there is no tomorrow. You can observe my rollicks for hours. And when I am finally tired, I just curl up somewhere on the cat tree or some soft cat bed and have a proper nap.

I am very observative, I need to know what is going on around me. I love to watch TV with birds on, but of course, live birds on the terrace are even better.


I am a small fur ball full of energy and positive vibes and considering what I had been through, I am indeed a small miracle. I am blessed to be here. Now, all I want is to find my forever loving family which will spoil me as I deserve. In return, they will get the happiest and most grateful little kitty in the whole world.

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Noel is sponsored by Inka (Germany)

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