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Boop (4/2022), Male 

My name is Boop, I was abandoned in someone’s garden when I was only 3 weeks old with my brother. We were just babies and it was so scary.   We didn’t know how to eat on our own and couldn’t figure out how to drink from a bottle so we were syringe fed until we learnt how to eat like big cats do.

I’m a crazy kitten! I have the most energy out of all the kittens I know, I can out run them any day. Even when I was 4 weeks old I was so brave and curious, I would escape as much as possible and run everywhere! I am truly an adventurer, I have to be the first to check a new toy out and try it before anyone else does!

I love meeting new people and climbing all over them, I’ve found my favourite spot in on their shoulders, like a parrot! I need a lot of stimulation and playtime so humans need to keep me entertained. I love to jump and climb high too, so I can get every angle of my home.

I’m also crazy for food! It really is the best, I’m greedy and will eat everything and anything I can find. When I get tired I am cuddly too, I will tuck myself up with you and we can nap together. I love kisses and attention, I really love humans. Once I love you I really love you!

I love having kitty friends to play with so I need a home with at least one more kitty!

Microchip registration number:


Boop was adopted abroad and he travelled to his forever home in December 2022.

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