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Mickey (08/2023), Male

Hello ladies and gentlemen, my name is Mickey and this is my story!! I was found stuck in a small space of a cooling truck. People around the area heard me crying for almost two straight days before I was finally rescued and removed. I was tiny, cold and starved so my rescuers rushed me to a vet hospital for intensive care. The vet who examined me didn’t expect me to survive because of my young age, I was only 2 weeks old and in a generally poor condition. Despite all odds and due to my strong spirit and will to live started gaining strength and weight and got discharged a few days later. My rescuers were lovely, devoted and really took good care of me. They bottle fed me every 2 hours and I quickly started to grow!

They couldn’t keep me forever but they did their best and after getting some tests done I came to a nice home with lots of other cats and a doggie, the place is called Let’s be smart foster home! 


I am very friendly and social and truly love everyone from the moment I meet them! I am used to being around dogs which means that the dog living there, Petunia is my best pal. I always pester her to play and snuggle in her arms! She doesn’t really like it and leaves me hanging, ending up snuggling on her fluffy bed alone, but I have decided I will keep trying to win her over!! 

I don’t get timid or spooked and I am a brave kitty ready to conquer the world! I adapted extremely quickly to the life at the LBS foster home and I am used to being an indoor cat, sleeping on nice soft beds! I like finding different spots around the house not to hide but to play and explore. I am curious about everything and want to know it all. 

I enjoy playtime like crazy and I am very happy to play with all sorts of different toys. Something else about me you should also know, is that I am very interested in food especially the wet kind which tastes very yummy! Apart from being very playful and full of energy, I am also very sweet and cuddly. I love being petted all over my body, adore hugs and kisses and I am constantly trying to grab everything sticking out of your face, like your nose, your eyelashes, your ears! I like using a scratching tree to file my nails and play with the toys hanging from it!

The basics about my personality: I am a sweetheart, a full of life and joyful kitty who love to run and hop around, playing all day long! Everything crossing my path becomes interesting toys, brooms, shoes, scoops, you name it, I will play with it! Last but not least, I have a unique and characteristic way of playing where I throw my little cute arms up on the air like I am dancing, people seem to love that! I am looking for a forever family and I would love to find one soon!! 

Mickey was adopted locally in March 2024.

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