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Lily (03/2024), Female

Hello everyone I am Lily and I am here to make someone very very happy!!! I am an adorable little lady who was recently rescued from the streets near a school in Kalivia town! One of the beloved collaborators vets of LBS found me attempting to cross a busy road outside a school trying to approach the children for cuddles and playtime.  I was so blessed to be rescued to safety..

I am a tabby and white beautiful girl who loves humans and would be amazing in a household with many children. I will definitely make you laugh with my personality! I will hiss to others of my kind when I first meet them but after a few days and some good sniffing I let my guard down and understand how fun life can be when you have friends around you! 

I am a very energetic and full of life kitten who easily adapts to changes in my life and because I am curious, I like to explore every little inch of every place! Playtime is the way to win me over!! I like playing with other kitties but also alone and chasing toys around the house can keep me entertained for a long time! I don’t have a special bond with anyone but get along with all my roommates. When the weather is cool, I like hanging by the window looking outside. I am definitely what humans call food motivated kitty and will do anything for a good snack. 

I am not only a happy and playful lady but I am also an affectionate sweetheart who loves cuddles, likes being held and sitting on your shoulder and will seek attention every morning by loudly meowing at you! I love giving kisses and opening your home to me will definitely brighten up your days! I promise you, I am the perfect lady, a well-mannered but playful kitty who will make you laugh a lot!! 

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