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Tippy (05/2016), Female 

Hello my name is Tippy! I was a stray living on the streets all by myself, a lady noticed I was in a really bad shape. I had a big wound and my anus has prolapsed. She took me to the vets and got me all better! Sadly she couldn’t look after me anymore so asked if LBS could take me in. I’m very lucky they said yes!

 I have had surgery to fix my prolapsed anus so it shouldn’t happen again. But I will need a diet to make sure my insides are happy too. I have had a tough start in life so I need a little bit of time to get to know you before I trust you. But it doesn’t take me long to realise how lovely you are!

I am the sweetest little lady you will ever meet! I am super gentle and all I want is cuddles. Being picked up and carried like a baby is amazing, I like to feel close to you and have all of your love. If there is a human who I love, I will sleep on your head and want to be with you 24/7. I am a people cat and will snuggle on the sofa, snuggle in bed, basically wherever you are I will snuggle!  

I’m really calm and all I want is a safe place to sleep and a human to love. I don’t need much, good food and someone to keep an eye on me. I will give you so much love and joy in return. But I do really love my food, I can be a little greedy sometimes! I’m happy to live with another cat who would like to be a calm snuggle buddy. But I would also be happy as an only cat so I can have all the attention!

I’ll push my head into your hands for more cuddles if you stop, and I’ll always want more kisses!

Tippy was adopted abroad and she travelled to her forever home in August 2022.

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