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Jamie (01/2019)

Hello, I’m Jamie, nice to meet you! I was found as a baby, I had a split nose and no one thought I would survive. The vets nearly put me to sleep, one of my eyes looked terrible and my nose was so open. Against all odds I kept growing and getting bigger and stronger! I was being cared for by a friend of LBS, she could no longer look after me so here I am searching for my forever home!

I am a very unique boy with my nose, and I’m also blind in one eye, but I’m handsome on the inside! I may not be the most normal looking cat, but I am the sweetest boy you will ever meet! New environments can be a little scary at first, but it doesn’t take me long to settle in and feel at home. Sometimes I’m a bit shy asking for cuddles, but when you start stroking me I realise how amazing it is and I won’t leave you alone. I purr soo hard, you can hear me from miles away! I love head scratches, and don’t tell anyone but I love belly rubs! I have such a soft ginger belly, perfect for tummy tickles! I really enjoy the company of other cats, they’re the best to play with. I can make friends with most other kitties, as long as they are playful and calm!

I like a nice quiet home, with lots of love and soft places to sleep. I will give you so much love, don’t even think of stopping stroking me otherwise I will follow you until you give in and fuss me again!


Jamie was adopted abroad and in June 2021 he travelled to his forever home. 

Sponsored cat.png

Jamie was sponsored by Theresa Richter (Germany)

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