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Doris (01/2015), Female

Hi I’m Doris! I turned up one day in a lady’s garden, I was super skinny, dehydrated and in a terrible condition. I had stomatitis and needed teeth removing, so I was struggling to eat because it was so painful. The lady took me to the vets where they found I was anemic and full of parasites. I stayed at the vets for two weeks before I was allowed to go to the lady’s home! After some investigation it was found that I had an owner and she had passed away. The family had then abandoned me, I was lost wandering alone not knowing where my owner had gone and why I was outside.

I am very lucky the lady took me in and finally gave me comfort. After everything I’ve been through I am a little reserved when I first meet you. I need time to settle in and get to know my new surroundings, in my own time. I also have a hard time trusting people, so I need a family who will put in the time and effort to gain my trust. Once I feel comfortable with you, I am an incredibly sweet lady. I am an older cat, so I am calm and really like to sleep in the sunshine on a soft blanket.

I don’t ask for much, just a safe home and lots of love. I will be your best friend! I am a very loyal cat, once I love you I really love you. As I am older and a little shy I need a calm home with adults only. I am happy to live with other cats as long as they are kind and calm like me, I’m too old for young kittens and their crazy energy!

If you have tasty food I will rub myself all over the bed, your legs, anything I can find to show you how excited I am! I also have a very sweet meow, I am a very polite lady! I have been through a lot so I would love to find a family to give me the life I had before my owner passed away. Full of love and comfort, I can promise I will give you so much in return.

Doris was adopted in February 2023 by the local lady who originally rescued her and she lives happily in Athens.

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