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Tortellini (04/2021), Female

Hello I’m Tortellini! I was born at the vet clinic with my siblings, no one knew what to do with us and we didn’t have a home so we lived at the vets for 6 months. It was scary at times but we got used to it. Moving into a house afterwards was strange but we couldn’t believe how much space we all had!


I’m a very sweet and gentle lady. Because I spent the first 6 months of my life in the vets, new environments can be a little scary. But I just need time to explore at my own pace and get to know you then I am wonderful! I love to help you if you’re on a computer, I think I am a IT lady and I can fix anything by walking on it or even sitting on it.

 Keeping you company and helping out is what I love to do the most. I have super soft fur and I love cuddles. I get and wriggly and squishy when I love it, I will push my head into your hands for more. So don’t even try and stop! I love my siblings, we play together all the time and usually sleep together too.

I get along with most cats, so I will be super happy to have friends. Loud noises can make me jump so I would like a calm home. As I am still young I have a lot of energy for playtime though, so I need someone who can keep me entertained with lots of toys and scratching posts!

When I love you, I really really love you, so if you’re looking for a new best friend then I am the one for you!

Tortellini was adopted abroad and she travelled to her forever home in November 2022.

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