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Gnocchi (04/2021), Male

Hello I’m Gnocchi! I was born at the vet clinic with my siblings, no one knew what to do with us and we didn’t have a home so we lived at the vets for 6 months. It was scary at times but we got used to it. Moving into a house afterwards was strange but we couldn’t believe how much space we all had!

I’m a big squishy boy, I love cuddles and to be held like a baby. You can pick me up and put me anywhere I’ll just be so happy to be in your arms!

I have a big fluffy ginger belly that loves to be tickled too, no one can resist. I’m big for my age so I’m going to grow into a big boy! But I’ll be the softest boy you’ll ever meet. Cuddles are just so nice, I feel so warm and safe when I’m in someone’s arms or on their lap.

I love other cats too, you’ll usually find me playing or sleeping with someone. I love my siblings but I get along with most cats. I would like to go to a home with a friend of mine or with some new friends I can make! I’m very greedy, which is why I’m such a big boy! As soon as I hear the treat bag rustling I’ll be there in a flash.

I have so much love to give, I would love to find someone to give it to!

Gnocchi was adopted abroad and he travelled to his forever home in April 2022.

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