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Torvi (11/2020), Female

Hello my name is Torvi and I was a stray living with a few other cats roaming around the garden of a friend of LBS organization. Our caregiver had to unfortunately move back to America and didn’t want to leave us behind all alone. We all came to LBS shelter and I am slowly adjusting to the surroundings.


I am a shy lady who is nervous around other cats and feels timid most of the time. I am more of a submissive cat and would thrive in a household with an easy going cat so I can feel comfortable. I love spending time with Kai who used to live with me back when we were strays and I am always hanging next to him. He provides me with the safety and love I need.


I am still adjusting to being indoors and around people so I need time to adapt and I need a parent who is willing to wait and be patient with me. I can also be scared if someone tries to suddenly approach me or if you unexpected move around me. I am very interested in playing with strings and if I  wasn’t feeling timid by other playmates I would play a lot more! My favourite friend is Kai and we are always together cuddling or grooming each other. My favorite place to sleep is on top of the swamp cooler or on higher cat shelves.

I enjoy spending time outdoors and love to sunbath. I am usually laying up high watching the world go by from the safety of a shelve on the wall. I am a fan of wet in general and enjoy my meals.


Up until now I am not used to being cuddled or petted by the people at the shelter as they are new to me and I need time to let my guards down. My previous owner did provide me with lots of love and affectionate so in a less stressful environment without so many kitties I would absolutely and truly thrive again and be able to enjoy strokes.


I would love to get adopted and move to a calm house with someone who will wait until I fully gain trust and can start enjoying all the strokes in the world!

Kai (11/2021), Male

Hi there!! My name is Kai and I am a very handsome fluffy boy! This is my story! I used to live among other furry friends roaming around a garden. It was a safe and lovely place so we never thought to leave! We also had access to fresh water and tasty food every day! On top of that a kind lady offered us cuddles once in a while so our life was pretty amazing! Due to personal circumstances our human friend had to unfortunately move away and couldn’t take us with her. We knew she loved us as she found a safe place for us to live until we can enjoy a forever home. We were all moved one nice morning to Let’s be smart shelter.  


I am still trying to adapt to the place as it can be overwhelming sometimes. As you see, I am shy around other cats and need time to make myself comfortable. Most of the times I will feel timid and will be submitting to others who tend to bully me. I don’t know why I get nervous around them and a am trying hard to change my feelings but it takes time! I get scared with loud noises, fast movements around me and new people as well. I feel very comfortable around Torvi though a lovely (and very pretty lady) who used to live with me back in the days. We have created a very special bond! You will always see us hanging around together, cuddling or grooming each other.  I am secretly in love with her but don’t tell her!! 

Regarding new people, I need time to let my guards down around them, I am more of an introvert kind of guy who will hide for days until I check everything out on my own terms and make the decision to cool. If a noise, a cat or a person accidentally scare me I will run and hide so I definitely need a kitty condo or a hide-away bed to have in hand to feel safe. I don’t make friends easily and will prefer Torvi over anyone!! Some days are a bit better for me and I will come closer to humans to play with string toys but that is not often. Even though I like hiding in the dark places I also love sunbathing! I like hanging up high and feel the warmth of the sun rays on my ginger and white fur! Protected outdoor areas are a must for me and make me feel happy! My previous owner was lucky to have met my cuddly side and I would love to find a place where I can feel safe again, enjoy strokes and remember who exciting life is!


Me and Torvi would love to find a less stressful environment where we can relax and enjoy every minute of the day feeling safe and sound! As you have understood by now, we are an inseparable couple so if you decide to adopt one of us you are lucky and will get two instead! I wish my story helped you make a decision about adopting and I would love to meet you soon in person. 

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