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Yuki (05/2021), Female

Hi my name is Yuki! I was a stray living on the streets of the local town. I was super sweet, pregnant and sick so the LBS team took me in to give me a new life. I was at the vets for a long time as I was so sick, until I was finally able to go to the shelter.


I’m one of the cutest snuggle bugs you’ll ever meet! I love cuddles, laying on people, being near people. Everything about people is amazing! I can never have too many cuddles; I will groom you too to let you know how much I love you.

I am still having problems with my upper respiratory, but I can’t have any more treatment from the vets. So I just need good food, vitamins and lots of love to get better.

I am only young so I have a very playful side to me. I like to chase things that make sounds, and catnip will turn me crazy!

My favourite thing to do is find the coziest blanket, make loads of biscuits and fall asleep. If you’re looking for a companion to watch TV with and snuggle then I’m the one for you!

Yuki was adopted locally and she travelled to her forever home in June 2022. 

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