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Queenie (02/2021), Female

Hello everyone my name is Queenie and I am looking for my forever home. I was initially trapped to get sterilized and have my right eye checked, after the municipality of 3V asked for the assistance of the Let’s be smart team members. They trapped me and took me to the clinic they collaborate with among other kitties. After getting sterilized and had my right eye removed (as it unfortunately couldn’t be saved) I would be released at the same place I was familiar with. In the meantime, various people from the neighborhood I used to live, started complaining about us so the people from the municipality were scared to release me there. They asked for the help of the LBS organization, once again. I stayed at the clinic from 26.8.2022 until 15.2.2023 when I was moved to the foster home!


I am a quiet shy kitty and is only now getting used to being petted by humans. If you try to cuddle me and I am not comfortable at that moment, I will slowly walk away. I can be scared sometimes; especially if someone is approaching me from my right side because I can’t see.  My favorite parts to stroke me until now are my head and my back. I am used to living indoors and enjoy being around people and sleeping next to someone.


I am very friendly with other cats and love playtime! Due to my impaired vision (one eyed & can see shadows - maximum 10% sight), and because I am not scared of other cats I can be a bit too playful sometimes! I need time to adjust to new people and new surroundings but if you give me the time I need I will adapt.


I am one of those kitties that need a hiding spot in order to feel safe! I enjoy playtime and even though I am not the greatest catcher I absolutely  love it!  I am still in the process of learning how to play so I can slap you with my paw sometimes but always without the claw! Humans are funny and are trying to teach me lady manners! I wish they knew that we cats do whatever we want!


I am not very food motivated and prefer my dry food over wet! I like sleeping on the bed and enjoy laying on the couch as well. Due to being a stray until recently, I love spending time outdoors on the protected balcony, sunbathing and enjoying the fresh air! I am FIV positive but I am very friendly towards other cats so that shouldn’t stop anyone from adopting me!

I would love to become a member of someone´s family and I am positive I will blossom in a calm environment next to a human with patience who will show me what love  means!

Queenie was adopted abroad and she travelled to her forever home in January 2024.

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