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Luna (07/2020)

Luna and her sister Sissy were found on the 5th of August 2020 in a drain pipe near the town center of Varkiza. They both were very weak and in poor condition so they went immediately to the Vet clinic. Sissy was much weaker and though she had intensive 24 hour care, she didn't make it. Luna stayed in the care of the veterinary clinic for 6 days and were treated with internal and external anti-parasite treatment and antibiotics until she got better and came to the SMART foster home on 10th of August where she´s been since. 

She is a lovely little kitten, who just started to discover the world. She is still scared of the unknown, but extremely curious. She loves to play with toys and humans. She is very friendly and social, loves to be cuddled and stroked.  

Luna was adopted (together with another of our shelter kitties, Mota) abroad and in December 2020 she travelled to her forever home.

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