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Sandy (4/2022), Female 

Hey I’m Sandy! I was found all alone by a taverna on the beach, I was only 4 weeks old. The kind lady that found me asked the staff and they said they saw someone abandon me, who could be so cruel.

As I was only a baby I was scared and confused, but thankfully I was healthy. After a bath and flea and worming treatment I met Steve Irwin. It was love at first sight! We have been inseperable ever since, he gave me love and company when I needed it the most.

I’m an entertaining young lady! I have soo much kitten energy, I love to run and play and chase anything that moves. If it has a bell on it or makes a noise, I will keep that for myself and play with it all day long.

I give the best kisses you will ever experience. As soon as you sit down I will climb up and lick you face, nose, mouth, eyes, all over your face to tell you how happy I am to see you. It’s a sign of love! You can’t stop me either, I’ll just keep coming back for more and more!

When I feel sleepy, I always want to sleep close to you. I’ll tuck myself in your neck or on your chest and we can nap together.

Steve Irwin is my BFF, we need to find a home together. Playing with him is so much fun, we wrestle and roll around chewing each others ears. We sleep together too, he makes a great pillow!

I’m a very sweet and affectionate lady, I’m loyal and once I love you I will love you forever.

Sandy was adopted abroad and she travelled to her forever home in September 2022.

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