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Ace (02/2019), Male

My name is Ace. My life really began a few months ago when I decided to jump into a balcony of a building and landed in a new environment with 2 dogs and many other cats. I visited the house every day to eat and then left for the streets again to continue my day! I went missing and appeared a month later with a big lump on the side of my neck. My foster mom realized I was bitten and took me to the vets. They treated my abscess and sterilized me. At that moment I decided this life and my foster mom were the perfect fit for me so I never looked back to my previous horrid life and stayed with her.

I was given the name Ace because my cleverness and beauty but most importantly my communication skills. I am beyond any other cat you will ever meet. I am an entertainer and I always find things to do when I am not sleeping. I love all cats and dogs. I enjoy good food! I have learned to knock on the door because since we were on the first floor I managed to jump down to the garden so please keep that in mind in order to keep me safe. I love sleeping on the bed, love to be hugged and kissed! I give love bites and sometimes I hiss but never bite or scratch, it’s only a game. I love playing football on a nice sunny day on the balcony.


I would like to find a home that I can share with you and I promise you, you will never look back. I might be the reason of questioning how people don’t share their lives with cats. I am very unique and you will fall in love with me. I promise you, you will never be alone again and I will make you happy with my crazy lovable character and great self-assured confidence.

Ace was adopted abroad and in September 2021 he travelled to his forever home.

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