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Onyx (01/2021), Male

Hi there! My name is Onyx. I used to live with my sister Marble on the streets of Varkiza, but she didn´t make it. Since then, I was all alone. I was doing ok until I got really sick one day, I was not hungry, I started to lose weight and I couldn’t breathe properly. That´s when one of Let´s Be S.M.A.R.T. team members, who looked after me and few of my feline friends noticed, that I looked really poorly and decided to help me. It took some time, but I was treated back to health and now I am all fine and ready for some amazing adventures.


I am a very good but shy boy. I need to adjust to new environment before you get to know me as I am.. I loooove playing, that is something that outdoor cats don´t get to enjoy very often because we are always trying to protect ourselves and cannot fully relax.I am extremely curious and a great assistant. I really enjoy to sleep on bed or couch or even higher places like top of the cat trees and shelves, as long as there is some soft blanket or pillow on it. What can I say, being indoor cat has it perks.


Food? Yes, please! I would do anything for a good treat. Another convenience of being a cat that has a family, so why not me? I love spending time outdoors on the protected terrace! Sometimes I play, chase with other kitties or climb our little olive tree, sometimes I just take a long nap or graze on the grass. 

I am much more relaxed than I was when I was first rescued. It took me a while but I have realized now that humans are nice and trustworthy. I still get a bit shy and timid when I am being approached by strangers but once they start petting me I calm down and start to enjoy the lovely feeling of cuddling. I wasn’t used to human touch and sometimes I don’t know what to do with myself, I will start stretching my body and lift my butt in the air, or sometimes might even claw the ground! If you pet another kitty and I am next to you I will get jealous and try to turn your attention to me by touching you with my little cute paw!

I even purr now! I was one of the cats people could not approach at all in the beginning and even though it took me a while to start warming up to people, my transformation is great! I am sweet and I seek for attention nowadays.

If you like huge eyes with mesmerizing look on the cat and want to give a chance for a better life to an ex-stray cat, I am waiting for you. I need only little bit of patience and lots and lots of love and food.

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