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Lola (02/2022), Female

I had a very harsh start of my life before I came as a small puppy to the Let's be SMART shelter at the end of summer 2022. I was brought to the shelter in a very poor state and nearly dying by two small gypsy children saying that my owner stopped giving me food. It was clear that I would most likely not make it alive beyond that day. My skin was stuck on my bones, I was full of huge ticks and lice running all over my body, and I was barely moving anymore. The shelter staff took me to the vet where some blood tests were run, and I was found to have Erlichia. As I was very weak I stayed at the vets for 10 days, whilst beginning my therapy for Erlichia. I completed with success my therapy after one month and I was vaccinated. I have gained more confidence day by day transforming myself into a joyful, playful, inquisitive, beautiful dog. 

I'm very smart, engaging, warm personality, with a lot of charm. At times I can be a little shy. I love to be with people and generally participate in things and be with company. I'm so far comfortable with the outside cats I'm in contact with at the shelter.

I love to play, and be with kind people. I am curious about things and always up for adventure and full of enthusiasm. I love to feel soft fresh grass beneath my feet. I love to run after a tennis ball catch it and bring it back to the person throwing it. I really enjoy my meals including healthy treats such as apples and cranberries and oatmeal mixed into my food.


I hope to find my family soon so I can grow with them and feel loved and safe.

Lola was adopted abroad and she travelled to her forever home in January 2023. 

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