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Zola (08/2022), Female

Thank you for being on this page!! I will quickly tell you a few things about me! First of all, my name is Zola and I was rescued and removed from the streets by a lovely couple. Both of them have jobs that require often travels and therefore they didn’t feel it was fair to keep me. Even though they couldn’t adopt me, they wanted to offer me the best care so they contacted the Let’s be smart organization who didn’t hesitate at all! I came to the LBS foster home on 10/05/23.


I am very friendly towards people and I am interested in other fellows but need to test the water out before fully trusting and making a furry friend! I am not a shy girl but sometimes loud noises and fast movements scare me a bit. I have a very special and unique personality! I like to play with stick toys and other small toys. When I am hungry I turn into a demanding lady asking for my meals and will do anything for a good portion!


I love pets and strokes but if I am not in the mood I won’t stay in your arms but will prefer to leave and go hang out somewhere alone. My favorite place to pet is my head and I will also rub my head towards you to show my satisfaction! I also adore belly rubs and adopting me means you will gain a loving and tender kitty to have as a forever friend.

I am very good with other cats and although I grew up living as an only kitty I adapted very quickly to the new environment. I am a very well behaved young girl who needs someone to spend time with her. I also love spending time on the protected terrace md enjoy the fresh air! There is always something new to explore there!

A funny hint about me is that I have been used to be carried in a cat backpack!!I am looking forward to finding a forever family, please don’t make me wait a long time, I truly deserve a forever home!

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