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Zola (08/2022), Female

Thank you for being on this page!! I will quickly tell you a few things about me! First of all, my name is Zola (Olympic long-distance runner famed for running barefoot!) and I was rescued and removed from the streets by a lovely American couple who found me while they were travelling in Greece. Even though they couldn’t keep me, they wanted to offer me the best care so they contacted the Let’s be smart organization who didn’t hesitate at all! I came to the LBS foster home on 10/05/2023 and I am getting comfortable around the house and the rest of the furry residents!

I am friendly towards people and I am interested in other cats but need to test the water out before fully trusting! I am not a shy girl but sometimes loud noises and fast movements scare me. I haven’t fully trusted the environment yet but I am open to meet new people, I felt safe with the humans at the foster home 5 days after I first arrived. Other cats make me a bit uncomfortable at the moment and I don’t really hang with them. I prefer to play alone for now but I am making progress in the house towards the other kitties. I like sleeping on a fluffy bed on the coffee table and after a few days of adjusting I started enjoying the protected outdoor areas as well. I was very food motivated in the past and once I feel comfortable 100% at the house I will show it to my new caretakers!

I enjoy cuddling on my own terms and my favorite place to pet me is my head. I will also rub my head towards you to show my satisfaction! A funny hint about me is that I have been used to be carried in a cat backpack!! I am looking forward to finding a forever family!

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