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Petey (03/2018), Male

Hello my name is Petey! I was living at the bottom of an apartment block being cared for by the LBS team. I was super friendly and would be there every day to say hello and ask for breakfast. So the team decided to bring me in to find me a home where I could always be safe.

I’m a very sweet man, I like to smush and have big head scratches! I need time to get to know you, so a nice quiet spot for me to settle in is very important. I like my space, and lots of cosy blankets!

I am the best laser player in the house, always up for hanging out and playing with my faithful friend Mr. Tibbs. Sometimes I look untouchable, but if an opportunity to play or snack presents itself, my shell breaks easily. I can often be found hiding with my friends, and if you listen carefully you can hear us laughing at our own jokes! The more treats you give me, the friendlier I become. If you look closely, my cute little smile is noticeable. I love head scratches, especially on my soft and fluffy cheeks. I will lean my head into your hand to get the biggest scratched you can give! And if you stop too early I will chase your hand and push my head right back into it!


I am gentle and a calm boy, I love the fresh air and to feel a nice breeze through my fur. I can get intimidated by lots of noise and a busy environment , so I would like a nice calm house to live in. I love my friends Mr Tibbs, Sylvester and Sumo and we spend all our days together, playing or napping! I also like to be groomed by them and groom them! I would love to stay with at least one of them or with any other friendly cat! I just need some time and I will be their and your best friend!

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