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Jack (04/2020) & Sparrow (04/2020)

Jack and his brother Sparrow were found earlier this year when they were kittens in Salamina island near Athens. They were both suffering with terrible eye infections. Unfortunately they couldn’t save one of Jack’s eyes and it was removed, They couldn't save neither Sparrow's eyes and he is now completely blind. Otherwise both boys are very healthy.

Jack (tabby) is a very curious and happy young man. He is very affectionate and loves to play, especially with feather sticks and balls! He loves to explore and climb. He loves attention and can always be found where there are humans!  He acts as the eyes for his brother Sparrow who is blind and helps him to settle into new environments. They love to sleep together on the softest blanket they can find and snuggle the night away. 

Sparrow (white/grey) is a very sweet and loving young man. He is very curious and doesn’t let his lack of eyesight get in the way, he is very curious and loves to explore! He loves humans and will cuddle with them at any chance given. He will always be found with his brother Jack, who acts as his eyes and helps him to settle into new environments. 

Jack and Sparrow were adopted abroad in December 2020.

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