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Vincent (09/2021), Male

Hello my name is Vincent! I am a beautiful boy, very gentle and really sweet. Unfortunately, I had a really bad start in life living on the streets and being hit by a car when I was only 1 month old. The car accident caused paralysis in my back legs so I am not able to walk. I am very cuddly and love kisses and strokes. I bang my head to ask for kisses and I close my eyes when people start kissing and petting me to show how much I enjoy it. When I start to purr, I don’t stop!

I love to play. My favourite time of the day is when I am free in a kids playground in the living room, filled with toys. I play with the rest of the kitty family and enjoy playing with plastic bowls and small plastic bowls with feathers hanging. I have a very strong character and will show my emotions. I have to get quick baths during the day to keep my legs clean! I don’t always enjoy them but I understand that people are taking care of me!

I love to play in tunnels that are placed around the house and especially when the tunnel is on the bed. I look forward to meet my forever human, i know living with me won’t be the easiest but i will give so much love in return that will balance it out. Living at the foster home since October 2021, I have seen a few kittens get adopted so I will be patiently waiting until that day comes for me as well!

Special Care Required:

Vincent isn’t able to urinate (pee) on his own so we help him pee three times a day by expressing his bladder. Vincent can defecate (poo) on his own but he poops almost every morning when we empty his bladder. Because he is paralyzed and drags his legs, he may require cream from time to time if his legs become aggravated.

Microchip registration number:


Vincent was adopted abroad and he travelled to his forever home in January 2023.

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