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Alexandra (05/2023), Female

Hello!! My name is Alexandra and I was found in the front yard of a building with my siblings abandoned by our mom. I was the weakest and smallest of them all so the lady that found us took me straight to her veterinarian for examination. Unfortunately due to a bad eye infection I have lost my vision on the one eye but I am currently under treatment to hopefully save the other one.

I am a very sweet and full of joy kitten! I am extremely friendly with both cats and people! When I first meet someone new I will give a good sniff and quickly warm up to you. Even though my vision is impaired, I am brave and fearless, unexpected noises and fast movements only stir me slightly!  I run all over the place and get into crazy mood jumping like a frog leading to occasionally hitting the wall or a cupboard. I quickly get up and continue from where I left!

I adapted very fast to being an indoor kitty all of the sudden and I don’t have issues when being introduced to new surroundings. I am just a kitten, so I am full of energy and joy and love to play with humans and toys! I jump around, chase balls and toys with feathers, climb on scratching posts and in general like to play with everything. I share my room with another lovely kitten, named Oliver and we have already started to bond! I feel a lot safer and comfortable next to my friend Oliver, and I have opened up to people a lot more after spending time with him. Together we are a gang ready to destroy the place with our energy levels!

A household with another kitten would be ideal so I can enjoy a feline company. My favorite place to sleep and hang out is on a soft cat cushion on the bed! I am super sweet and cuddly and love to snuggle and make biscuits. Belly rubs, neck and ear scratches make my day! I usually try to find a place to suck and will always try to go up to your face area to rub myself and get some extra love and cuddles. I also have some moments of acting like a queen where I like going high to sit! I don’t complain when people put me in a cat carrier and I a behave in the car as well!

As a typical kitten I have my moments of cuteness and the moments of being a little terror! My personality has it all and I am ready to get adopted and flourish with a family who will love me forever!

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Alexandra is sponsored by Amalia (Greece)

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