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Lucky (05/2021), Male

Hi there, I am Lucky - would you like to know why? Because I was lucky that I was spotted by a lady from the Let's be S.M.A.R.T. who was feeding other stray cats near me. I was bit shy and scared of all those big cats, so I was hiding in the bushes nearby. There were some fish scraps left by some people, so I tried to steal one scrap from behind the fence. That´s when I was spotted! I was extremely hungry, so I followed the lady with proper cat food towards the nearest hole in the fence.  I ate like I haven´t eaten for days. The lady searched for my mum and my siblings, but I was on my own. So she took me with her and since then, I am safe in the foster home and my belly is full all the time. 


I love to play, humans are good toys, but when I met my new friend Logan who is my current roommate now, it was a game changer. I still love to play with toys, especially little balls and mice, but it is more fun to play with him. Cat trees are also great, I love to climb as high as possible. After all that hard work playing, I like to snooze on soft blankets or pillows or go and sleep in the cat den.


I do like humans a lot, I am extremely curious and love to observe and discover everything, so I am in awe with everything that humans are doing. I allow them to cuddle me which usually starts my purring immediately, I don´t really understand it, but it´s fun. I really like attention and I hope that I will find my own forever home, where humans will have time for me to play with me and cuddle me, where I would be loved and cared for. Who wouldn´t want that?

Lucky was adopted abroad and in September 2021 he travelled to his forever home.

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