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Zoro (04/2021), Male

My name is Zoro and this is my story so far!! I was rescued after being found roaming a colony in Glyfada. I had a best friend and we were both super friendly and being cared for by a lovely lady. Unfortunately, my best friend got poisoned and didn’t make it. To keep me safe the lady removed me from the colony and so I was brought to Lbs shelter and I am now looking for a forever family. I am super sweet and friendly with other people and with other cats.

I have a very special personality, warm up very quickly when I meet someone new and don’t hesitate to immediately seek for cuddles. I am one of the first kitties to greet you while entering the shelter’s premises! I am very gentle, loving and want lots of petting and snuggles to be happy!! I adore toddlers and children and like spending time with them!

I got used to the shelter life very fast so I quickly adapt to new surroundings and feel perfectly comfortable.Although I am very friendly, I like to have a hiding spot where I can enjoy some private time if I feel up to. I have a permanent snore, which automatically will make you laugh when you hear it, as it has different variations throughout the day. I am the perfect furry friend to keep you company at nights so you don’t feel lonely! You will always hear me snoring next to your pillow!

I like taking long naps during the day to fill my batteries and have the funniest sleeping poses.

I am also playful and enjoy playing with different type of toys. Although I am cuddly and playful I am also very curious of the world and want to be involved in everything!

While enjoying laying on various cupboards I also enjoy spending time sitting by the window, looking out too. To tell you the truth I love observing the world and the other cats. Spending time on the netted balconies sunbathing is one of my favorite!

I enjoy every good scratch and pet someone can give me and I like to be cuddled all over my body! I am a very handsome black and white cat who was fortunately saved and is looking for a forever home now! Maybe you are the right person for me! What do you think?

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Zoro is sponsored by Amalia (Greece)

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