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Zoro (04/2021), Male

Fairly new to LBS , but I don’t want to waste any minute so here I am to introduce myself!!

My name is Zoro and I was rescued after being found roaming a colony in Glyfada. Me and my best friend were super friendly and being cared for by a lovely lady. Unfortunately, my buddy got poisoned and didn’t make it. I was devastated. To keep me safe the lady removed me from the area and I was brought to an awesome cat sanctuary where I will spend my days and nights until I find my forever family!

I am super sweet and friendly with other people and with other cats as well as I was used to living around other strays back in the days. I warm up very quickly when I meet someone new and don’t hesitate to immediately seek for some nice cuddles.

I got used to the shelter life very fast and even though there are many people that came and go daily, I feel comfortable and safe around everyone.

Although I am very friendly, I like to have a hiding spot where I can enjoy some private time if I feels up to. Except  of sweet and cuddly I am also playful and enjoy playing with different type of toys. While enjoying laying on various cupboards I also adore spending time sitting by the window, looking out and observing the big world.

I enjoy every good scratch and pet someone can give me and I like to be cuddled all over my body! I am a very handsome black and white cat who was fortunately saved and is looking for a forever home now! Maybe you are the right person for me! What do you think?

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