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Turmeric (03/2020), Male

Turmeric and his 5 siblings were found living with their mother in Varkiza. They were living on the street and the house they found shelter was being demolished, leaving them with nowhere to live. Our team caught all 6 kittens and took them to the vets, they shortly came to our shelter.

Turmeric is a super energetic kitten. He has all the kitten energy stored up ready for play time. Balls are his favourite thing, especially is they make a sound! He could chase balls all day every day! When he has tired himself out from playing, he enjoys a little belly rub. Turmeric is a happy young man who forms strong bonds with his favourite humans, when he does he is super affectionate and loving. Will want to give you kisses and always sit on your lap!

Turmeric was adopted to the U.S. and in September 2021 he travelled to his forever home.

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