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Merlin (02/2020)

Merlin and his 4 siblings were found living at a Leroy Merlin store by the founder and a team member of Let’s Be S.M.A.R.T. The staff at Leroy Merlin were asked about the kittens and they said the mother had been run over and they were leaving food for them in the mornings. They asked if we could taken the kittens and considering the the information we decided to act quickly and get the kittens to a safe environment. Our team sprung into action and with the help of a volunteer and the shelter manager they were able to catch all 5.  

Merlin is a wonderful young man, he is a gentle soul who really wants love. He is a sweetheart and is very polite at asking for cuddles, he starts with just one paw on your leg and slowly settles himself in! He loves to roll over on his back and let you ruffle his fluffy ginger tummy! He likes little toy mice, they’re the most fun to play with, but he if anything moves he will chase it too. He enjoys the company of other cats, and loves  to spend time on the balcony feeling  the wind in his fur!

Merlin was adopted abroad and in December 2020 he travelled to his forever home.

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