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Paros (3/2016)

Paros walked right up to us at the church, came in our arms and purred like a little machine.  We could not take her at that exact moment so we asked two children to watch her for 15 minutes.  When we returned, they were cuddling her and we took her straight home for a bath.  She has moved right in with the other cats, showing who is boss! She was living in the home of the Let’s be SMART founder for some time and in June 2018 she was adopted (together with another rescued kitty, Belinda) abroad.


We were so happy to receive following lines and photos from Kathleen who adopted Paros and Belinda:

" Belinda and Paros are doing fine. Paros is walking around, exploring the bedrooms while I have Belinda with me. I took her downstairs yesterday evening but she wasn’t a big fan of that. Although she explored everything, after 20 minutes she has had enough. I took her back up, they ate a little bit and slept on the bed with my son. They didn’t miauw once ..... "





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