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Hallie (11/2022), Female

Hello my name is Hallie! I was rescued from the streets when I was 5 months old. I was being chased and attacked by many male cats that were trying to mate with me. I was very lucky as someone saw my distress and decided to save me!


I'm a very calm girl most of the time. I love to relax and will happily spend my whole afternoon sleeping on the sofa with you. I will be demanding cuddles by headbutting you and making biscuits on you with those huge paws of mine.


Despite enjoying a good slumber, I'm also an adventurer. I enjoy a large space, with fun cat climbing frames and lots of toys. Tiny toy mice and running in running in long tunnels are my favorite games, but I will enjoy any opportunity to run, hide, chase and play.


I'm strong, independent woman that knows exactly what I want, sassy is the perfect word to describe me! My personality will never become boring, that’s for sure. I enjoy being picked up, cuddled and kissed on the neck, but attempt to do this when I'm not in the mood and you might get scratched!


I also don’t like the idea of sharing my humans and my toys with other cats. Despite sleeping calmly next to some for hours, I can wake up and suddenly decide I dislike them. This can leave the other cats feeling on edge, so I would be best suited to a home with no other cats so I can get all of the love and attention I need and deserve!


Overall, I'm a confident, cute and extremely cuddly kitty that will make an amazing, loyal companion!

Hallie was adopted abroad in she travelled to her forever home in September 2022.

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