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Fiona (01/2017)

Hi, my name is Fiona! I was living at the bottom of our founder’s apartment block, she was so kind and fed me every day, along with a lot of the other strays around the area. She gave us nice beds but it was so cold and lonely out there. I would meow and follow her whenever I saw her. I am such a friendly girl they decided to take me in and find me a loving forever home.

I am super affectionate! I will push my head into your hands if you try to stop cuddling me. I am a princess and I like to keep myself looking good, I groom myself so I’m always looking my best. Nothing beats being tucked up with my favorite humans all warm and cozy, under the covers is ideal but I will settle on top of a soft blanket if I have to. I would be better as the only cat, I love cuddles so much I can get a bit jealous sometimes, I want all your attention! All I want is someone to love me as much as I will love them.


I am a very lucky girl because I have found my new forever family and in April 2021 I was adopted abroad. 

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