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Teddy (03/2020)

Teddy was heard meowing in the road in front of the shelter late one night. Our team tried to find him but were unable to, the next morning he was spotted in our front garden, seeking comfort from one of our stray cats. The next morning our shelter manager got up early and sat in the garden waiting for him, with the help of the stray cat she was able to catch him and take him straight to the vet. Luckily he was healthy so was able to come straight to our shelter for his worming and flea treatment.

Teddy is full of love! He is a very playful, energetic young boy. He will always run over and ask for cuddles, he is a sweetheart and loves to be snuggled as much as possible. He likes to push his face into yours and get as close as he possibly can.  He has endless kitten energy and loves to chase anything, he also loves his friends and will play with them, even when they are sleeping! He loves to climb, but more than anything he loves to play fetch! He would play all day every day if he has a human to play with him. He forms very strong bonds with other cats and humans, after being so scared on his own and asking for help, he needs a lot of love and to feel safe.


Teddy was adopted abroad and in October he travelled to his forever home.

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