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Nebula (04/2021), Female

Hey my name is Nebula! There was a huge wildfire in Greece not too long ago, and my siblings and I were found by the team of rescuers close to the fire. We were covered in ash and soot, our whiskers had been burnt off and our toe beans were burnt too. It really hurt.

We are so lucky we were rescued and taken to safety. The first thing LBS did was give us a bath, and the water came I LOVE humans! They are so much fun! I like to nibble on their fingers, hands, feet, basically any part of them. When they wiggle their fingers I think it’s a game and we have so much fun. Climbing is my specialty and I like to test it out by climbing the humans legs, I’ve found out I can get really high up too! Their laps are also super cosy and the best place for cuddles. So I’ll always tuck myself in when I need a hug and we will cuddle the night away. I love to help, so if you need help with any tasks let me know and I’ll be there! Even if you don’t want help I’ll probably try anyway!

I’m only a baby and still have a lot of growing to do! So stay tuned and see how I grow up!

Nebula was adopted abroad and she travelled to her forever home in September 2021. 

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