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Goldie (04/2019)

Goldie was born at the vet clinic to a stray mum Lena as one of 6 kittens on 13th of April 2019. She was moved with her whole family to Let´s Be S.M.A.R.T. Foster home at the end of June 2019 and resides there since. 

From the beginning, she was very curious and talkative kitten and that didn´t change at all. She is still very curious and extremely talkative beautiful young lady with really nice and soft coat. She can have a full conversation with you for a long time. She is very social and loves to spend a lot of time in the presence of other cats and humans, though she needs some time to adjust first. She loves to spend time with her sister Tiny, they often sleep and snuggle together, or play or hunt insect together. She loves to assist with many things and comes to snuggle in while you reading, working on the computer or just relaxing and watching a TV. She is very patient and likes to observe things, especially from the higher places.

She loves to play with toys, other cats or humans. Her favourite toys are small toys with catnip or valerian root, fishing rod with feathers at the end and laser pointer. She can show some impressive acrobatic performance when she is in the mood. She likes to hide in closets and other small spaces or under the blankets, and she is an absolute master in stealing things with strings. She likes to hunt your fingers hidden under the sheets. She likes treats and solving problems so she will be definitely good for positive reinforcement training. She needs to be stimulated from time to time, otherwise she can be bored very easily. She loves to be outside on the terrace, sunbathing, resting, watching birds, catching insects or just observing her surroundings.

She is very well behaved and clean. She is perfect and has everything that you might be looking in a cat, she is very friendly, and she has great personality, curiosity, warmness, but also an attitude so typical for cats.

Goldie was adopted abroad and in January 2021 she travelled to her forever home.


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