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Nefeli (01/2021), Female

They say happiness is a wet nose and a wagging tail!! I am here to prove you they are right!! My name is Nefeli and I am a sweet doggie who suddenly appeared outside LBS’s main gate a few days back. Nobody knows anything about my past, I didn’t have a chip so the shelter team took me to the vet and after the necessary tests and treatments I became on of them! 


I was very shy at first and needed a few days to feel comfortable and trust that the people around me only cared for me and didn’t have any bad intentions. After being around the team members and volunteers of LBS, I let my guards down and started enjoying myself. I am friendly towards people but I can be a bit reserved when I meet someone for the first time. I think I was abused in the past and can only remember some basic things.I am trying to forget about it all so I won’t talk about anything regarding my previous life. It’s a fresh new start for me! 


I am a super sweet dog and although I can seem a bit guarded at first due to the trauma of my past, once you gain my trust (which is not hard to do) I will want love from you all day long. My favourite?? Belly rubs, I go crazy for them. I love to play and run around in the yard as my energy levels are high. It doesn’t matter if I play alone or with other dogs, I am always happy, frisky and cheerful! I like to run after humans and absolutely adore to be chased around. I am friendly with other dogs and have especially grown a liking to the puppies next door to me.


I am very protective of my people and I am also a very loyal companion. I might need some time to adjust to new surroundings and environments until I can let my guards down and feel safe and comfortable but it won’t take long, I promise you. I am a charming and beautiful girl who is looking for my matchy matchy to enjoy and share beautiful moments with! Give me a chance and I re assure you you will fall deeply and madly in love with me!

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