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Nefeli (01/2021), Female

They say happiness is a wet nose and a wagging tail!! I am here to prove you they are right!! My name is Nefeli and I am a sweet doggie who suddenly appeared outside LBS’s main gate a few days back. Nobody knows anything about my past, I didn’t have a chip so the shelter team took me to the vet and after the necessary tests and treatments I became on of them! 


I was very shy at first and needed a few days to feel comfortable and trust that the people around me only cared for me. After being around the team members and volunteers I understood they only had good intentions and let my guards down a bit. I am friendly towards people but I can be a bit reserved when I meet someone for the first time. I am afraid of men and even though my past is also vague for me too, I think I was abused before. I can remember some basic thing.. I am trying to forget about it all so I won’t talk about anything regarding my previous life. It’s a fresh new start for me! 

I am a sweet, social and friendly lady who likes other dogs and I am always in the mood to play! I get timid around loud noises and fast movements and I prefer when people move calmly and peacefully around me. I need some time to adjust to new surroundings and environments until I can let my guards down 100% and feel super comfortable. 

I absolutely love to play and I am very energetic! It doesn’t matter if I play alone or with other dogs, I am always happy, frisky and cheerful! I like to run after the humans and absolutely adore to be chased around. It’s a very fun game to me! I am also a very cute and lovable doggie who adores cuddles and even if I feel a bit timid and shy I really seek for human affection and interaction. My favorite?? Belly rubs, I go crazy for them. 

I am a young, charming, healthy and beautiful girl who just needs to fully trust people again. I do want to feel 100% comfortable around you all and show my full personality, I just need some time and a bit of patience from your side. It won’t take long, I know it!! I reassure you, you will fall deeply and madly in love with me when I do!

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