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Blue (02/2016)

Blue is a Russian Blue found in October 2016 with a little ribbon on her neck. She has been treated for some eyes issues and she was very well taken care of. Blue is extremely sweet and trusting. She was adopted abroad and on November 6, 2017 our beautiful girl was flying to meet her new family.


Here is what her new mother, Ellen, wrote to us:

"Her name is now Winkie, from Perrywinkle, but actually we simply call her kitty. She is doing extremely well, is happy and playful, she lives with me and my two daughters aged 11 and 15. She loves playing with ropes and shoelaces 😊. We love her very much, she gives us lots of love and likes to cuddle. I think you will like the pictures with this email, Merry Christmas and greetings ...."



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