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Honey Bunny (08/2021), Female

Hello my name is Honey Bunny and I am very lucky to have joined the LBS family. I used to live on the streets until one day a member of the staff found me and understood I was lost. My sight is not good and that is why I was scared and didn’t feel safe on the streets. I got lucky though as I currently sleep in warm fluffy beds, have a lot of toys around me, have other kitties to hang out and people that treat me as a queen.


I am extremely sweet and cuddly with an amazing personality. I know I wouldn’t survive much longer on the streets due to my bad sight so I show my gratitude towards people by being very sweet. Even though I have some difficulties I don’t lack anything. I am a very sweet girl that grows in beauty and confidence. I like to be indoors, sleeping in warmth and have someone to give me tasty food every day!


I also enjoy spending time outdoors on the terrace! I love to sunbath there or just lay on one of the scratching posts and enjoy the fresh air! I will be a great friend to the person that will decide to adopt me! I understand that the people that take care of me now have fallen deeply in love with me so I am sure you will as well!


I am too sweet to resist! Since I have an issue with my sight the vets continue to examine me every now and then and if necessary will remove my eyes but for now I don’t need anything except of love!

Honey Bunny was adopted abroad and she travelled to her forever home in November 2022.

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