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Vasia (07/2021)

Hello my name is Vasia which stands for Billy in Russian! I was living alone on the streets until a lady spotted me in the middle of a road in a suburb of Athens. I was bleeding through my nose so the lady took me straight to the vets. Fortunately after tests they diagnosed that I was a healthy beautiful kitten! The lady couldn’t keep me so she contacted our organization! I was brought to S.M.A.R.T. foster home in August 2021 and I still live there with my kitten and human friends!

I am a very calm kitten in general. I surely love to play with my toys and go crazy from time to time but in general I am mostly relaxed. I love humans and my favorite time of the day is when my favorite humans rub my belly. I am a very adorable kitten and who ever meets me falls in love with me. My two big eyes will look straight into your soul! I love to snuggle in warm fluffy beds and I always hug my teddy bears before going to sleep. I just can’t live without belly rubs and teddy bears!


Vasia was adopted abroad and he travelled to his forever home in May 2022. 

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