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Nikolakis (09/2020)

Hello, my name is Nikolakis! Some of my friends call me tripod, on account that I uniquely only have three legs, but don’t worry the three legged life doesn’t slow me down! The man who’s garden I lived in noticed that I had had a pretty bad injury, he had always been looking out for me so knew that I needed medical attention as soon as possible and got me straight to the vet clinic! The vets saw that my leg was badly broken and needed to be amputated. Surgery went wonderful and the man got me to the Let´s Be S.M.A.R.T foster home for a caring and comfortable recovery, and now I’m living my best cat life!

From the moment I arrived in the foster home on March 7th 2021 I’ve made so many wonderful friends that I love to play with, I get along with other cats really well. Occasionally I might need a little bit of time to warm up to someone new, but my curious nature doesn’t keep me away for long. My favourite place to spend time is outside on the balcony, I can spend the whole day sleeping, sunbathing, playing with my foster friends and best of all, bird watching! I hope that my new family will have a safe outdoor space for me to explore in.

When I’m not in my favourite spot on the balcony I am inside playing with fellow cat friends, chasing toys, watching bird TV or often even just having a long cat nap. While I have lots of energy I can also be pretty chilled and relaxed as well, I’m not big on sleeping next to humans but get me a soft cushy bed or fun cat tree and I will snooze there for hours. Even though I don’t like sleeping next to people, I still LOVE to get pets and even being brushed! I think I’m a pretty handsome boy, so keeping my beautiful fur looking top notch is important to me.

Well friends, I think that is all I have to tell you about me. Oh, one last thing, if you were even just considering being my new family, take a look at my memorizing green eyes, I think they will help you make your choice (psssst, it’s YES!). Maybe you’ll be my new forever family and maybe I can be saying, see you soon!


Nikolakis was adopted abroad and in June he travelled to his forever home.

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