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Biscuit (09/2022), Female

Hey there, I just recently joined LBS family and like all the others of my kind I look forward to getting adopted to a nice family who will love me forever! Here is my story so far!  


I was found roaming alone on the streets in Keratea, a town near the shelter I am currently staying at. I was thankfully removed from the streets as my future would be inevitable due to the traffic and the lack of food on the streets. 


I am very sweet and friendly with people but need some time to warm up to other fellows! I only recently joined the Lbs family but I am sure I will adapt quickly to the new companions and will wisely choose my friends! 

I might seem shy at first but if you give me two seconds you will see my true shiny, loving personality as I will seek for cuddles and purr loudly to show my gratitude. I can be a bit skeptical to loud noises but nothing out of the ordinary. Like most cats do, I needed a few days to adjust to all the changes in my life, the smell of     new people and cats but I am in general confident which works beneficial for me. 

I still try to find out what I like and what I don’t like about other cats and have taken a step away to observe and decide who can be a good friend in the long run. I like playtime but will choose other activities instead if I get the opportunity. I like to explore the house and since it’s big, i am very happy to have a whole lot of new places, new corners and areas to discover. 

I am curious of the outside space but haven’t figured out the joy of just lying on the protected balconies, enjoying the fresh breeze and the warmth of the sun rays yet. Oh well, one day! 


What I absolutely love is food! Wet food, dry food, any food!  I adore it! I am very affectionate, love cuddles and quirky felt comfortable to let people pick me up. When I need some attention I will rub against your legs and ask for strokes.


I am big in size, my paws are huge and I have a very adorable fluffy tail. I am a very beautiful lady and looks forward to meeting my forever family! 

Biscuit was adopted abroad and he travelled to her forever home in February 2024.

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