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Lady (08/2020)

Lady was found on 22nd of October 2020 roaming alone on the street and hiding under parked cars in Varkiza. She was very scared and seemed completely lost, so we decided to take her in. It took a member of our team two hours to catch her, but at the end, it was successful. She went straight away to the veterinary clinic in Voula, where she was immediately treated for internal and external parasites. She was dehydrated and very weak. When she gained more strength and she was moved to our Let´s Be S.M.A.R.T. Foster Home on 6th of November.

She is a beautiful little girl. The name Lady came from the animation movie Lady and the Tramp, her place just couldn´t be on the street. She is extremely curious, observant, gentle and playful and already won few hearts of other cats who accepted her very quickly.


Lady was adopted abroad and in December 2020 she travelled to her forever home.

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