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Leroy (02/2020)

Leroy and his 4 siblings were found living at a Leroy Merlin store by the founder and a team member of Let’s Be S.M.A.R.T. The staff at Leroy Merlin were asked about the kittens and they said the mother had been run over and they were leaving food for them in the mornings. They asked if we could taken the kittens and considering the the information we decided to act quickly and get the kittens to a safe environment. Our team sprung into action and with the help of a volunteer and the shelter manager they were able to catch all 5.  

Leroy is a squishy baby boy. He is the cuddliest of all his siblings and is always the first to get on your lap for a cuddle. He loves to be stroked on his head and around his ears, and loves a belly rub too! He has super soft fur which he likes to keep clean, so he is the most handsome boy around! He is always snuggling with his friends, he sleeps best in a pile of kittens! He enjoys playing with feather sticks and lazers, and he is a big fan of getting to the top of the tallest scratching post he can find! He is an amazing big brother to his younger friend, Teddy, he took him under his wing and looked after him in such a sweet manner.


Leroy was adopted abroad in September 2020.

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