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Oakley (03/2018)

Oakley was a stray cat living on the streets of Kalyvia, a volunteer was feeding him most days and when she left Greece she asked us to keep an eye on him. One day we went to feed him and he was in a terrible condition with big open wounds on his back and neck. We immediatley caught him and took him to the vets. After staying at the vets to recieve treatment for 2 months he was finally healthy enough to come to our shelter.

Oakley is a very gentle boy, he is obsessed with cuddles and likes to rub himself on anything to get love. He is super sweet and loves all humans, even when he was living on the streets  he was super friendly. He is so happy to be in a safe place and so grateful for love and attention. The longer he spends with us the more he comes out of his shell and plays! He has a wonderful soul!

Oakley was adopted abroad and in April 2021 he travelled to his forever home. 

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