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Sylvi (04/2021), Female

Hello my name is Sylvi and I am a loving girl. I am a happy, full of life cat and extremely sweet and gorgeous. I am timid at first but once I get to know someone I am super cuddly. I love to play with other cats, with balls, feathers and mice and enjoy when people play with me as well as long as I am in the mood.


Even though I don’t use my back legs I can run extremely fast, climb on the bed and couch because that are my favourite places to sleep and love to use scratching posts. You will be amazed by all the things I can do despite my difficulty. I was annoyed in the beginning every time they had to help me urine but I am used to the process now so I put my arms around yours and wait! I didn’t have an easy beginning in life but hopefully I will find a perfect home where people will love me and give me everything I deserve. I will need some time at first to settle in because I can get scared easily, even fast movements around me make me uncomfortable. Please give me some time, be patient and you will then meet my amazing and unique character.

Special Care Required:

Sylvi is able to defecate (poop) but not urinate (pee) on her own so we help her pee three times a day by expressing her bladder. Since Sylvi is a long haired and because her back legs are paralyzed she needs daily combing and grooming to avoid knots.

Microchip registration number:


Sylvi was adopted abroad and she travelled to her forever home in May 2022.

Sponsored cat.png

Silvi is sponsored by Margot de Vos (The Netherlands)

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