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Lola (05/2021), Female 

Hi my name is Lola. I was found living on the streets in the local town, I was a tiny baby and I was really snotty and ill. My siblings and I were struggling to survive, so LBS scooped us up and took us to safety.

I can be a cheeky lady, I love to investigate new things and climb on and into anything I can! I’m very confident and love meeting new people, especially when they give me cuddles! I’m a little mischievous, I like to play with anything I can find. Sometimes I’ll even steal your pen to play with it! I am also cuddly, I love a big snuggle and lots of kisses and fuss. A lap is a great thing to sit on, because I get the most love there! It is also the perfect place to nap as I feel super safe and protected. As I’m a kitten I need a lot of playtime, so be prepared to play all day every day! I’m an active little lady with a lot of energy. Playing with other cats is really fun, they can wrestle with me and we keep each other entertained. My sister Hazie is my best friend, we would love to find a home together!

We like to sleep together, eat together, do everything together if we can!

Lola was adopted abroad and she travelled to her forever home in December 2021.

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