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Parker (05/2021), Male 

Hello I’m Parker! I was found by a very kind lady when I was a baby. I was only 4 weeks old, lost and scared on the streets of Athens. I’m so thankful she scooped me up and took me to safety. Other than a being a bit skinny and needing eye drops I was a healthy boy!

I am a very confident and curious kitten! I love to explore and sniff everything I can at the speed of light! You will never see me coming all of a sudden I am there and investigating. I love doing what I want when I want, I’m not fraid of anything, even the vacuum! Playing is my favourite thing to do, playing with my cat friends is the best, they are so much fun to wrestle with. Pouncing on them when they aren’t looking is so funny too. Exploring things with my teeth is also great, as I’m a kitten I need a human who will teach be to be a good boy as I grow up. Humans are the best though, they are the most fun! They always give me really big cuddles and kisses and I love it. I’m a little squish and I’m a super softie. I will give you kisses back too I promise!

I love to snuggle up on a lap and stare at you with my big loving eyes tell you that I love you. I just want a human to call my own, could that be you?

Parker was adopted abroad and he travelled to his forever home in December 2021.

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