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Bou Bou (07/2019), Female

Hello, I’m Bou Bou! I used to be a stray cat in Varkiza where from when I was 3 months old the Let’s Be S.M.A.R.T team were providing me with a safe outdoor space and lots of food. While I always appreciated the food, I was never one for being touched by people until after I got to be part of something called TNR (trap/neuter/release) which was a little scary at first, but showed me that these people are really here to help me! I started to get braver while spending lot’s of time at the S.M.A.R.T Yard house for stray cats, then one day I followed this lovely lady I recognized into the elevator and walked straight into the S.M.A.R.T. foster home, here I have been ever since!

My new human friends knew that something was wrong, because I shocked them by all of a sudden welcoming myself into the building; they took me to the vet and found an abscess under my chin and my ears were quite irritated. The vets had to remove a polyp in my right ear, but all went well with a speedy recovery so I was back to my comfortable new space quick. I was a bit shy around people and other cats at first, but now I’m a happy and playful lady who can lead the pack, play hard and also sleep hard. If you are my new home you will need to have lots of cushy soft beds for me to laze around in and also some fun toys for us to play with! I get along with other cats but like to be the queen of the castle, so sometimes I use my voice to show who’s boss.

Food, did someone say food!? I love food, especially the delicious soft stuff. I’ll memorize the feeding schedule and be waiting and ready for the next delicious snack, if you stick around you might even get to see my special way of eating with my paw, like the queen I am. I hope my new home has a comfortable outdoor space because I love to spend time outside, I will sleep on a balcony for hours and hours, but as soon as there is a bird or bug around watch my amazing hunting skills and special chirping sounds. Outside time is very important to me.


I´m quite friendly now after being indoors and love to go out on the large balcony without any though of escaping! I’m a super loving girl just looking for a family to treat me like royalty.


Bou Bou was adopted abroad and she travelled to her forever home in January 2022.

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