Bou Bou (07/2019)

Bou Bou used to be a stray cat from Varkiza where she was fed and provided a safe outdoor space since she was around 3 months old. She is petite and quite shy, we couldn´t initially touch her. She was part of our trap/neuter/release program and after that she was staying mostly around our S.M.A.R.T. Yard for stray cats. Then she started to be braver and let us touch her, which was quite unusual for her and one day, she followed the Founder into the elevator and walked, by herself, straight into the S.M.A.R.T. foster home.

We thought that something might be wrong with her for her character to suddenly change; we found an abscess under the chin and her ears were quite irritated. After the veterinary check, we found out that she has polyps in her right ear and soon after, they were removed, abscess healed and her recovery was very speedy. She is still bit shy, but getting better day by day. We can touch her, stroke her, she even follow us to get some attention, though she is still not very comfortable with being lifted. From the beginning we have never seen her play with anything, but lately, she slowly started to discover how to be a little teenager again and started to play with little balls and mice.

Bou Bou loves soft food and is like a clock, waiting for the next meal. And she absolutely adores to be outside on the balcony and just lies down and enjoys the sun. She is very sensitive around other cats, which suggests that she would be probably best on her own but when she has enough time to adjust, she is fine with other cats. We don´t know how she would react with the dog though. She is still bit shy if somebody makes quick sudden moves and talk very loudly, so at this point we don´t think she would be comfortable around small children. All she needs at this moment is loving forever home, and little bit of time to adjust.

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Bou Bou on the balcony
Bou Bou



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