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Chrissy (07/2022), Female

Hello there, when I was quite small, one nice lady found me trying to get some food at one of the stray cats feeding stations in Varkiza near Athens. I was lost, maybe even abandoned and she wanted to help me. She gave me my name Chrissy and brought me to LBS Foster Home where I gained some strength and stayed there since with my foster family.


I am calm, quiet and quite chill out young kitty. I am usually very comfortable around humans and other felines, I normally don´t mind even to be handled or carried. I do like cuddles, but mostly under my own terms.


I love to play, either on my own with some amazing toy (I don´t really have any preference) or with other kitties. I am a great observant as well, I like to discover everything there is, including hidden corners of the house. Whenever I have an opportunity to go to the terrace, I take it, because there are so many interesting things, from cat grass, flying birds, new smells to birds sitting on the fence nearby. Who wouldn´t like that?


I like company, I often sleep snuggled in with other feline friends, especially close to my age. Sleeping is a very important part of the day and you can often find me napping on a soft pillow near window, especially when there is some sunshine coming in. I do love sunbathing very much.


I loooooove food, there is nothing better than that. If there are other kitties around, I know I have to protect my bowl no matter what and when I am finished, I like to go and check the bowls of others. The love for food makes me really brave, because I am not afraid to steal food even from bigger and stronger cats.


I am very curious, sweet and gentle girl. I would like to find a safe home where everybody would love me and cherish me and will give me food all the time and let me sunbathe most of the day. Thank you.


Chrissy was adopted abroad and she travelled to her forever home in March 2023.

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