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Peanut (2017), Male

Hi! I’m Peanut! I was a stray cat until a very nice woman found me when I was getting chased by others and ran into walls because I can’t see. She took me in and found me a cozy room at the cat shelter! I have my own bed now and I don’t have to run from other animals!


I am an orange cat with big eyes! I am very shy because I can’t see you so you will have to speak to me softly until I recognize your voice! I’m very good  at navigating through life but I do need to be comfortable! I like to sleep in small, cozy places and anywhere warm! I was used to the cold so now I looove sitting next to the heaters. I’m about 5 years old but I still love playing! I also love to cuddle when I get to know you, but I need some time! I’m a great, calm and friendly cat and I can’t wait to have my own family!


Peanut was adopted abroad and he travelled to his forever home in May 2023. 

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