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Bifteki (05/2021), Male 

Hello my name is Bifteki which means burger patty in Greek! The lady that rescued and raised me thought I looked too round when I was a baby so Bifteki it is!


I was found and rescued from a garbage bin when I was a kitten. I am a wonderful boy, 4 months old and very beautiful! As you can see my colors make me very handsome! I am big for my age so you should know that I will be a big furry friend of yours!


I love to sleep on the bed and especially on the pillows! I am sweet and affectionate! I am very expressive so you will always understand if I am happy, tired or mad! I like to cheat sometimes but I always understand if I did something wrong! I need some space and time in the beginning when I get to know new people and cats but I quickly adapt and feel comfortable!

Bifteki was adopted abroad and he travelled to his forever home in January 2022.

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