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Rocky (5/2021), Male

My name is Rocky! I was living in a government shelter, a lady fell in love with me and wanted to help so she took me out to foster me until I found a forever home. Sadly as I grew up she couldn’t take care of me anymore, so she asked LBS if they could look after me and help me find a home.


I am a young, energetic pup! I have so much energy, I love to play and run around with crazy zoomies! I need an owner who will take me on long walks and let me stretch my legs as much as I need. If you’re high energy like me; we will be best friends! I LOVE humans so much! They are so cool and always bring me gifts and cuddles it’s the best. As I am still young I can get a bit too excited sometimes, so some patience with me whilst I learn is needed. I would love some training, someone to spend lots of time with me teaching me to be a good boy, that’s all I want! I can impress you with how much I can learn.


Adventures are great too, I like to go to the beach and zoom around feeling the wind in my fur. I will greet everyone and investigate everything new. I can get bored easily so a lot of stimulation is needed! Toys, enrichment and playtime would be very much welcome. As I am so excited all the time I need a home with only older kids who can handle my energy. I can get along with a calm cat or two, but I haven’t met many of them yet. Other dogs are great too! I would love a playmate, someone who is happy to run around the garden with me and be best friends. I’m not bothered by the type of dog, as long as they are kind and gentle like me.


I will give you big sloppy kisses all the time if you’ll let me. You’ll never meet another dog who is so happy to see you. I can’t wait to find a forever home! 

Rocky was adopted to the. U.S. and he travelled to his forever home in February 2023. 

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