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Feta (01/2018), Female

Hello everyone I am Feta, a very pretty young lady who recently became a S.M.A.R.T. member. I was found on the streets all alone by a supporter of the organization but she had to move out of Greece for a few months so she found this lovely place for me! 

I was a bit shy when I first arrived at the foster home but it didn’t take long for me to understand that the people living there will only offer me love and affection. A few days later I was already feeling comfortable and started to explore the house and seek for strokes. I don’t love the company of other cats at the moment but don’t hate it either!! The truth is I don’t bother spending time getting to know them as humans as far more interesting to me! 

When I am in cuddly mood I will sit on your lap and enjoy the affection you will show me. I am l quiet a brave girl who doesn’t easily get scared! I am interested in playing but will prefer one on one time with you. Long time short, I am a lady that like to have my own space from time to time and if you respect my boundaries I am happy and relaxed. I love sleeping in round circle beds curling up like a small ball! I have heard people saying I have a cattitude and I understand where they ate coming from as I am not afraid to show you my dislikes if something feels wrong! 

I like to scratch the couch and sleep on higher levels such as a tall scratching tree! 


Funny facts about me: 

  1. I really do know what I want in life

  2. I jump very elegantly


I would love to find my forever home and a person I can rule!! No, I am just kidding, let me rephrase! I would love to find my forever home where I can enjoy all the cuddles in the world (and secretly be the queen of the house).

Feta was adopted abroad and she travelled to her forever home in February 2024.

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